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SVEA FIREWORKS was founded in 1993 in Sweden. Today we are the largest and leading fireworks importer in Scandinavia. After five years of operation, we established ourselves in Norway, and in 2000 we started also in Poland. Since 2001 we have offices in Estonia and Latvia, and in 2004 in Hungary. We also have a focus on exciting new markets ...

Our customers and their needs are always at the absolute center. Our conscious commitment to the highest possible quality at the best price possible, of course, also contributed to our successful expansion.
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In addition to the highest quality products with modern and attractive design, we can offer catalogs, posters, tabloids, bumper stickers, flags, rocket balloons, DVD and video presentations plus other marketing materials in absolute class!

With these arguments, we hope to have made ​​it easy for you to feel that you have chosen the right brand for your fireworks purchases.

Below you find all of our product categories

Choose you country Most of our competitours today are using single reasons for you to buy their products. We put so much effort into our products, and are so confident in all aspects of our product range that we can actually give you not one, not two - but four solid reasons for you to buy Svea Fireworks!

- Outstanding quality
- Powerful effects
- Superior colors
- Mindblowing experience!

Contact Sweden HQ

  • Svea Fireworks
    Härningevägen 71
    262 95 Ängelholm
  • Telephone: +46 (0)42-530 31

Contact Norway HQ

  • Svea Fireworks
    Fred. Olsensgate 6
    0152 OSLO
  • Telephone: +47 22 82 33 33
  • FAX: +47 22 82 33 34